The Do’s & Don’ts of Logo Design

With so many do-it-yourself logo design options available online, many small businesses fall into the trap of believing it is an easy element and add it in as an afterthought. This is a huge mistake and can be detrimental for small businesses starting out and wanting to build a successful brand.

Understanding Brand Values

What do brand values have to do with your start-up business? Everything! Brand values are the guiding principles at the foundation of your business, they help steer your purpose, personality and proposition.

What is a Brand Story and Why Do You Need One?

Businesses operating in today’s market are realising more and more the power of storytelling to provide cut-through with consumers. Brand stories help to establish a strong connection with the desired audience and build a long-term relationship.

Small Business & How to Handle The Impact of Covid-19

This morning I have had numerous phone calls and emails from clients with fear but mostly frustration around the impact of Coronavirus on their small business. With a lot of our clients in the wellness industry, they are concerned about how their services may become obsolete for some time as people practice social distancing.

How Much Does Branding Cost

So into the nitty gritty of numbers.. To be honest I cringe when I hear “I got my logo done for $300”. The fact is that this is undervaluing the design industry, however a logo for $300 off gumtree.

Burberry Rebrand

After two decades the iconic brand launched their dramatic rebranded with a new contemporary logo and monogram. Designed by graphic designer Peter Saville (also known for his work for Calvin Klein) and rolled out in only 4 weeks from concept to final!

Are you reaching the right consumer?

Do you have a great brand but find you struggle to connect with your buyers? When it comes to brand strategy there are many areas and techniques to explore in order to develop your brand from the ground up.

Is Your Brand Outdated?

Every brand has a shelf life.. well let me rephrase.. if you are not keeping up to date with the forever evolving trends, the online world and technology, then yes, your brand has a shelf life!

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