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I feel like for the first time in 7 years we finally have things right, and that's thanks to you and the team. Our internal systems and working relationships with you are really delivering. Thank you! It feels good when things are set up and providing results, I just need more staff now!

Private Brand Consulting

Lead a brand with influence, purpose and impact.

Do you feel like you're treading water with your brand, uncertain of how to propel it forward? It's not uncommon to feel daunted by the task of mapping out your brand's growth strategy, but you don't have to do it alone.

Experience the full potential of your business with Private Brand Consulting, a one-of-a-kind offering from Lizzie Robinson, Director of Agency Jean. Collaborate with Lizzie to receive expert brand and marketing advice that’s tailored specifically to your business. You’ll gain the confidence and knowledge you need to take your brand to the next level.

This is about more than just growing your business, it’s about achieving your vision and fulfilling your purpose. Let Lizzie’s guidance be the catalyst that propels you toward success, as you learn to navigate the twists and turns of entrepreneurship with confidence and clarity.

Discover Lizzie's methodology of Behavioural Branding & Connected Marketing.

3-month Brand Consulting

Well beyond the basics - it’s tailored advice & strategies for brand awareness, admiration & abundance.

As a business owner, there is A LOT to be across, and with demanding consumer expectations it can feel like you are never ahead and making progress. I hear this all too often from my clients, they feel a sense of disheartenment because they have a passion, dream, and idea but feel confused about how to execute their brand to be seen, heard, and loved.

The problem is, most business owners are unaware of what to prioritise, how to execute, and what not to do so they don’t tarnish their brand. 

The key is to understand the consumer landscape. Consumers are forever evolving, adapting, and expecting more from brands. As an entrepreneur, you have to deliver a thoughtful, calculated, and clever brand to enable brand awareness, admiration, and abundance.

As your private Brand Consultant and Director of Agency Jean, I take your hand and lead you into a whole new world of extraordinary insights, resources, and recommendations and guide you to drive successful marketing and brand reputation. 

What To Expect

Intentional brand Consulting that focuses on tailored strategies for expansion, recognition and success.

Together, we review, refine, and reconstruct your brand to meet your vision and goals for the immediate and long-term future.

You see brands are flexible, and it’s ok (and smart) to seek support to understand what is next for your brand. Unlike business coaching, this is BRAND consulting. We won’t be looking at administration and staffing systems, we will be looking at: brand ideation, digital campaigns, marketing, consumer behaviour, messaging, social media, ads, communications, aesthetics, and beyond!

Who Is Brand Consulting For?

For leaders willing to evaluate & hyper-focus their brand for success.

I work with business owners in the Beauty and Wellness industry who are eager for the next growth opportunity, those who honestly feel tired of being in the same place and not having the ‘wins’ to celebrate, or they are ‘winning’ but no longer feel aligned with who they are anymore.

I am quite particular about who I work with, because I am confident that I can help grow and expand your brand. However, I can’t be responsible for what you do or don’t do with the guidance and support that I offer inside Brand Consulting.

Like any brand, my clients are personally and professionally growing and evolving. It’s normal to crave change and more in business. These are the high achievers, go-getters, and vision-makers who I inspire to partner with.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Private & personalised Consulting to achieve meaningful brand missions.

How does Brand Consulting work?

Brand Consulting sessions are extremely intentional, tailored, and calculated. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ formula when it comes to marketing, engagement, and expansion. 

I work with my clients on a fortnightly basis and each brand is extremely different in what it requires and where it wishes to go. Some brands only require minor tweaks, other brands may need a full overhaul. 

After our fortnightly 1.5hr workshop, I supply my clients with the notes, actionable items, priorities, industry references, resources, and next steps – you name it! This is not mindset coaching, this is something I don’t see available – it is Agency led brand consulting that undeniably delivers results.

I am also, available to my consulting clients via voice messaging Monday – Friday (as I said, I am profoundly attached to your brand and the outcomes).

How do you structure the Consulting sessions?

All the sessions are structured based on the client’s needs at the time, if they want me to go in and review their Meta Ads, or Email Marketing – then we will do that whilst I share screens and show them what needs to be fixed, tweaked, or developed.

In some sessions, my clients might wish to pick my brain and focus on ideation – rather than implementation. This is why the sessions are fluid and adaptable.

How often do we speak?

Our sessions are fortnightly and go for roughly 1.5 hours. However, outside of these sessions you have access to talk to me via voice notes between Monday – Friday.

How do I know if this is right for me?

I don’t want to sign you up for Brand Consulting unless we both feel like this is the right fit, therefore I ask you to book a Free 15-minute Discovery call with me to see if this is a match!

How many Consulting Clients do you work with?

I am very strict with how many consulting clients I work with at any given time because I am so invested in these brands and making sure change is happening. Therefore, I only ever manage 4 Consulting clients at one time.

How long is the Consulting partnership?

I partner with brands for 3 months. If you wish to extend your consulting after the first 3 months, then the following 3 months will be available to you before my waitlist.

What is the investment and payment options?

The 3-month mentoring partnership with Lizzie Robinson includes:

  • 3 Month Brand Consulting with Director; Lizzie Robinson
  • 6 X 90-minute Zoom Strategy sessions – Fortnightly
  • Voice messaging access to Lizzie – (Monday – Friday between 10 am – 3 pm)

Pay in full: Investment: $5,455.00 ex GST
Pay per month: Investment: $1,820.00 ex GST

We accept credit cards and bank transfers.

How can I start working with Lizzie now?

You can apply to immediately start working with Lizzie here >

A Note From Lizzie Robinson

Let's be honest

As a business owner myself, I understand how isolating it can be to make decisions and constantly compare yourself to other successful brands. In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, it’s more important than ever for brands to keep up with changes and connect with their audience in new ways.

You see, your brand is like a living, breathing entity that needs to evolve and grow just like we do as individuals. While it’s essential to establish a strong brand foundation and strategy, it’s equally important to ensure your brand can adapt and flow with the ever-changing world of consumption.

Over the past decade, I’ve seen firsthand the success that can come from unique approaches that honor a brand’s vision.

My passion and focus are on brand consulting, helping entrepreneurs and business owners build strong, adaptable brands that can thrive in any market. In today’s digital landscape, it’s more important than ever to stay current with the latest trends and consumer behaviors. With my private consulting clients, I provide the guidance and support they need to navigate this ever-changing terrain.

With over a decade of experience in the beauty and wellness industry, I have tested, executed, and experienced a lot – enabling me to develop a unique approach to brand consulting that’s grounded in behavioral branding and connected marketing. My goal is to help you establish a strong brand foundation and strategy that can adapt and grow with your business.

Let’s work together to create something remarkable and build a brand that supports your greater vision and ideal lifestyle.

3-month Brand Consulting

Be seen. Be Heard. Be Loved - with brand Consulting.

Enhance your brand’s potential and achieve long-term success with the support of brand consulting with Lizzie Robinson. With Lizzie’s experience and expertise, you will gain valuable insights and guidance to refine your brand messaging, improve your digital marketing strategies, and enhance your overall brand aesthetics. When investing in brand consulting, you’ll have a trusted partner to help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of branding, business, and consumer behaviour. 

Consulting is not only beneficial for your brand’s success but also for your own personal growth as a business owner. Take the first step towards creating a truly great brand by partnering with our Director; Lizzie Robinson today!

Discover Lizzie's methodology of Behavioural Branding & Connected Marketing.

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