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What a Brand Identity Refresh Can Do for You

Perhaps your brand has been on the market for a few years and looks a bit tired? Maybe you didn’t get your branding right the first time and are struggling to assimilate with your market? Either way, a brand identity refresh can do wonders for your business!

As the name suggests, a brand refresh is simply giving your business and its in-market face a makeover so that you can update and renew your identity in the marketplace. A corporate brand refresh can be as simple as just tweaking the logo or updating your colour palette. How complex this process can be is based on the degree of changes needed to achieve your new goals and preferred look and feel. A brand refresh allows your company to modernise and become relevant in the marketplace again.

As your business develops so too does the marketplace, and it’s important your company can keep pace with these developments and evolve as needed to stay relevant and relatable. It’s crucial to not fall behind in the marketplace, especially if competitors in your industry are maintaining pace and retaining their competitive edge; don’t risk falling behind and losing yours.

For many SME businesses and corporations, a good time to consider a brand identity refresh is when your brand resonates more strongly with internal staff than your wider external audience. This can happen without you even realising as organic growth leads your business on a wonderful and fast upwards trajectory. Your team may expand quickly, and branding and marketing decisions are made to suit the changing internal teams’ ideals, in the fast-paced growth your website has been haphazardly added to at different times, and products/services have been named to resonate with your team, not your consumer. It can be hard to identify at which stage you’re ready to refresh your brand and realign your image to connect with your consumer but look out for indicators such as:

  1. sustained and substantial growth over a short period, where your team and/or offerings have expanded quickly
  2. changing consumer trends within your industry, or a growing consumer market base
  3. your brand image and feel resonates strongly with your internal team, but you feel it’s lost on your audience.

On the flip side, there is the potential that your business has not seen the expected and desired growth within your industry, even if the market trends are on the up. Maybe you have never refreshed your brand and it has maintained the same look and feel since conception. This what we like to call a “tired brand”, where your audience has become exhausted of your brand and no longer connects with it, meaning you fall behind in the marketplace and lose your competitive edge. This can be common in fast-paced industries, or with businesses based on experience and “me too” strategies. In this case, we suggest popping the cherry and considering corporate brand development to bring it back in to relevancy and favour with the market.

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