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Who We Are


We are creative and strategic problem solvers located in Melbourne with the mission of supporting brands to establish a clear and direct purpose in a competitive market. Established in 2013, Agency Jean continues to evolve amidst the ever-changing digital landscape. Offering expertise across both branding and marketing, we are dedicated to delivering long-term solutions for businesses looking to grow and remain relevant.


Agency Jean

The Agency Jean team are astute, forward thinkers who support brands to feel empowered and confident in their purpose. Through a strategic thought-out approach, Agency Jean can reposition brands against competitors, enabling each brand to discover its authentic story. Employing creative and refocused ideas, we facilitate strong connections with consumers. 

Each brand is unique and so too is our approach. We relish the opportunity to curate custom-tailored creative and digital experiences specific to your business goals. As a full-service brand agency we assist you with every stage of your business’s permanence; from brand establishment to accelerating growth. 

With over 12 years of expertise in the design and marketing landscape, Lizzie is no stranger to the demands of the digital world. Lizzie’s intent is to offer clients refined, bold, and innovative solutions that demand consumer attention in a congested marketplace. With passion and mastery in the beauty and wellness industry, Lizzie offers business consulting, support, and an accompanying team of experts across design and marketing tiers. 

Lizzie’s methodology involves unpacking each concept to expose a strong brand essence. The ultimate objective for Lizzie is to translate each brand’s DNA into creative and digital campaigns that build long-term connections and conversions between consumers and businesses.

Agency Jean

The Company

From storytelling to strategy, the Agency Jean team are focused on delivering tangible results. With a focus on the research, and statistics to the communications goals, we measure all essential outcomes. 


Work With Us

The life of a brand is forever evolving and we support you at every stage.

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